Many Thanks to Gale and her photography.

Loran Scruggs


I've been working with tin cans and bottle caps since 1991.  I love the colors, fonts and pictures found on painted tin cans and bottle caps. I've found most of my materials over the years, off the streets of large cities, garage sales and kind people.
I love giving items a new life liberating the recyclable to a place of value once more.
I am interested in joy. Color is joyous for me so I use painted tin cans for their color and glint. A lot of my work reference childhood and play, for myself play is a time of being in the moment, no past regrets or future worries, a time of joy.

I usually start with an object or image. For example I ponder Hunt’s tomato cans...tin cans are sharp…I cut myself... Hunt’… hunt cut sharp.. Oee I know I’ll make a Hunting Knife out of Hunt’s tomato cans.

I hope that my work puts an amused smile on your face, for when we smile we are in the moment, engaged, attentive and happy.