Small Silver Skull
Y is for Yax
Leaves on tile
Congratulations Baby eyes
Siren of the Panther Heart
Humming bird greets the arrivals
Flying bats
She Who Knows her Heart
Quality Purple
Cloudy November
Winter market
Buck Crackers
Hunting Knife
La Calvalere
Army Skull
Yellow Flower Skull
orange skull
Green El Pato Skull
Good Morning
Queen of the cookies
Two Fish
 9.5 x 12 x 1.5
Dutch Master
Rising Tiger
Patch on Blue Sky
Blue Horse
Agean Heart
Coffee in Hand is worth...
Port Townsend Deer on Green
Mah Jong
Bumble Bee Admirees
Chinese Checkers
Cock Match
Mister Sunshine
Crow Landing
Recycled and Recycled Sunshine
 16 x 24
Rusty Patina
The Four Men of Movember
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